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In order to secure the best workplace and actually increase the quality of life of workers,
the following welfare benefits are provided to enhance workers' welfare.

Legal Welfare Benefit System
Industrial Accident
Be insured to protect employees and for quick and fair compensation for accidents related to work, and pay a certain insurance amount each year.
Health Insurance Insurance to prevent and treat the illnesses and injuries of employees and their family members
and to promote health.
Insurance to prevent unemployment, boost employment and promote the development and improvement of job capabilities of workers, thereby stabilizing the livelihood and developing vocational capacities of workers.
National Pension Needed for the welfare in the latter years. It is given to workers in the form of old-age pension, disability pension, bereaved family's pension, etc.
Non-legal Welfare Benefit System
Housing Fund Support Loan for housing stabilization of the employees are given at annual 3% interest
rate when purchasing or renting a house.
Accommodation Fee Support Accommodation fee support is provided for field workers.
Moving Expense Support Actual moving expense caused by relocation is reimbursed considering
the region, distance, etc.
Medical Checkup Regular medical checkups are performed for all employees so that they stay
healthy and prevent illnesses.
Customized Comprehensive
Medical Checkup
Regular comprehensive medical checkups are carried out for employees and
their spouses over a particular age or position.
Family Event Support When there is a family event, family event leave, a family event allowance and a
wreath are given.
Operation of Cooperation Promoting welfare and mutual aid among employees.
Support for Clubs Support for in-house club activities such as soccer, bowling, fishing, marathon, Giuhoe (go), hiking, photography, etc.
Hanmaeum Festival Sports day or related events are held annually for physical training and to improve the morale of employees.
Employee Stock
Ownership Association
When capital is increased by issuing new stocks, within 20% of the stocks issued are allocated to members of the Employee Stock Ownership Association.
Founding Anniversary Event A founding anniversary fund is given to all employees to commemorate the founding of the company.
Travel Expense Support Support for holiday expenses, travelling expenses for visiting hometowns during the national holidays, gimjang, etc.
Expense Support Support for domestic and overseas business travel expenses, starting a new post domestically and overseas, etc.
Expense Support
Support for transportation fees and downtown transportation costs.
Company Welfare
Card System
Welfare points are given to promote the welfare of employees and provide benefits from using credit cards.
Education Expense Support Support is given for kindergarten, middle and high schools and college registration and tuition fees for employees' children.