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We will become a global company loved by everybody.

The HL Group, which started as Hyundai International Inc., founded in 1962, has played a leading role in heavy industries and has led Korea’s economic development. It is currently repeating growth in various business lines from its holding company, Halla Holdings, to the construction, automobile, and education/sports fields. Furthermore, with the vision “Beloved Company, Superior and Solid Global Company” and "Management with Integrity", "Frontier" and "Work Together" as core values, it has entered the world’s main regions, from North America to Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, China, and Japan and is growing to become a global company. HL D&I Halla Corp., which started out as HL D&I Halla Resources Corp. in 1980, has played a pivotal role in Korea's development by repeating growth in every construction field such as civil engineering, architecture, and housing. It changed its name from Halla Engineering & Construction Corp. to HL D&I Halla Corp. in 2013 and started a new challenge to strive to become an advanced concept construction company, and now all employees are concentrating their competences in achieving the vision of becoming "a healthily growing permanent company." "Health" refers to a company which makes its employees, customers, partners, shareholders, and furthermore, society, healthy and happy. "Growth" refers to a company which consistently grows and revives in any circumstances. And "permanent" refers to an innovative, open company which continuously creates profits. In the future, we will increase global competitiveness by expanding our business lines based on excellent technology and prosperous experience in a variety of fields. We have preemptively entered non-construction fields such as distribution, logistics, sports/leisure, etc. and we are preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution by converging construction with IT. HL D&I Halla Corp. will grow healthily by providing and sharing hope and love together. We will strive endlessly and change ceaselessly so that all domestic and foreign members can be prosperous. We will become a global company beloved by everybody. Such an internal resolution and intention to act is the "HL Way." All employees will come together as one based one the core values to do work "properly" and move on to a better future. We sincerely ask you for unstinting support and encouragement for HL D&I Halla Corp's dream and passion. Thank you.

An endlessly striving and constantly changing company.

HL D&I Halla Corp. has led the construction industry and acted as the backbone in the growth of the economy since its establishment in 1980. Not only did it participate in building national infrastructure by successfully carrying out the SOC business, environment and plants, large-scale development businesses, etc. but also created elegant architectures everybody is satisfied with as a landmark representing the region by applying differentiated design and the latest technology. Also, it has developed into a company loved by customers for its best quality and competitiveness by proving eco-friendly, high-class residential spaces with leading imagination. In the civil engineering field, we are acting as a value creator building various types of infrastructure with leading technology and abundant experience, ranging from roads/bridges/ports/airports/railways/subway to complex and housing site development/reclamation and dredging business. In the architecture field, we are gaining infinite trust domestically and internationally for our excellent construction performance ability in office/commercial facilities, leisure facilities/knowledge industry centers/terminals/railroad stations/educational facilities, etc. Also, we are increasing happiness and quality of life for our customers with Halla Vivaldi, a first-class apartment brand, which is acknowledged as an education-specialized apartment brand representing the Republic of Korea. In the future, HL D&I Halla Corp. will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution era by converging construction with IT, fostering talents, etc. as a pioneer in the rapidly changing paradigm for the domestic and foreign management environment and construction industry. We will succeed and develop Management with Integrity and the Frontier Spirit based on the management philosophy of "Customer, Technology, and Humans" and become a "Superior and Solid Company, a Beloved Company" with coexistence management that everybody is satisfied with. We will be reborn as a company that creates new growth engines and can grow continuously by eternally challenging and continually changing while placing customer value as the top priority and moving away from a traditional construction company. We will be a company that makes employees, customers, partners, shareholders, and members of society happy, and a company that shares value. That's the new future for HL D&I Halla. Please watch HL D&I Halla Corporation's promising future with gleaming confidence. Thank you.