Human resources of HL D&I Halla. are
the very asset and future of the company

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Human Resources Development

The talents of HL D&I Halla are its assets as well as its future.

HL D&I Halla operates an individually tailored human resources development system to create a workplace where the dreams
of its valuable people are realized. A creative talent striving towards a target together with others is the image of an HLian.

HL D&I Halla operates an educational credit system to induce employees' active participation in education courses, and has various high quality educational programs to foster the talents and self-development of its employees.

for Core Talent
Core Talent Fostering Course A course for preparatory management talents to gain a variety of knowledge needed for managing a company and improving organizational management abilities.

※ Preliminary Course: Seven management and leadership courses are operated at the Cyber Academy
※ Fostering Course: Those selected receive five linked off-line training sessions in an action learning style

Support for Global MBA Support is provided for an MBA program to foster future preparatory managers with global knowledge.
Job Professionals
Fostering Course
A course for fostering talents who are professional in their job skills to increase the technical level of company-wide jobs.
by Position Level
Introductory Course for
Novice Employees
An introductory course for novice employees to help their understanding of the HL Group as a HLian and reinforce their communal spirit and ability to adapt well in the organization.
Capability Improvement Course
for Level 4 Employees
A capability improvement course for level 4 employees who are on their third year of starting work as a novice to strengthen their will for self-development and engagement in the organization.
Capability Improvement Course
for Newly Appointed Personnel
A leadership course appropriate for each position and a job skill improvement course for newly appointed assistant managers, managers, and deputy general managers.
Site Manager/
Department Manager
Leadership Capability
Improvement Course
A course for creating results through corporate management and insights into the construction site environment and improving leadership capabilities.
Job Training
  • Recommend customized job training and support
  • Strengthening capabilities of technician by implementing continuous training (Career Development Plan)
  • Support for holding workshops for each department or related job performers
Language Course
for Fostering Global Talents
An intensive language course to foster talents well-suited for a global work environment.
Individual Intensive
Language Course
A program to reinforce global competencies throughout the company with 1:1 telephone conversations with a native speaker.
Overseas Language Course A language course at an overseas university to foster talents with the job and language skills required for HL D&I Halla's expansion into overseas markets.
HL D&I Halla's
Cyber Academy Course
An on-line course is provided each month for applicants to increase educational opportunities and help the self-improvement of its employees. There are currently 208 courses on jobs, knowledge, foreign languages, IT, etc.
HL D&I Halla's E-Library The e-library is operated to share the HL D&I Halla spirit, cultivate knowledge and increase the desire of employees for self-improvement. Currently, good quality e-books in various fields can be viewed, including the present chairman's books, social science, cultural science and living science.