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HL Group

Beloved Company, Sound & Strong Global Company

The HL GROUP, which started from Hyundai International Inc., founded in 1962, has played a leading role in heavy industries and has led Korea’s economic development. It is currently repeating growth in various business lines from its holding company, HALLA Holdings, to the construction, automobile, and education/sports fields. Furthermore, with the vision “Beloved Company, Superior and Solid Global Company,” it has entered the world’s main regions, from North America to Europe, China, Japan/Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and South America and is growing to become a global company. From now on, we will challenge ourselves for a new future based on Integrity, Frontier, and Work Together.

Introduction of affiliates
HL Group People who innovate the familiar, challenge the unknown
HL Holdings (meister) A leading company creating the HL Group's values
Automotive sector HL Mando Mando Corp., a world of cutting-edge automotive parts!
HL klemove A company specializing in autonomous driving technology that promises comfortable driving
Mando Brose A prepared company thinking about the future and environment
Construction HL D&I Halla Customer Satisfaction, the true value pursued by HL D&I Halla
Mokpo Newport Terminal The base port for Northeast Asia, the new center of global logistics
HL Echotech A company that thinks about humans and the environment first
HL Logis&co Center of Green and High-Tech logistics
/ Sports
Halla University Halla University, bearing the world
HL Anyang Ice Hockey Team Three Kingdoms on ice racing towards the top of the Asian league!