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Supply chain management

  • Shared growth
  • Win-win management activities
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We realize the value of win-win management
where we strive and grow together

HL D&I Halla. pursues win-win growth. The suppliers are our partners and share common goals and work closely with us.

Win-win management

We provide suppliers with substantial support to help them improve their competitiveness and ensure their financial soundness. Moreover, we select and recognize the best suppliers each year, and the winners receive various benefits such as exemptions from issuing a contract performance bond, increased shares in subcontractor bidding, early payment and training for their employees. In 2011, a network of suppliers was formed (“Hanulhoe”) to meet regularly and strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation in various areas.

  • Orders

    We divide partner firms into four groups, most excellent, excellent, ordinary, and district using fair evaluation, and grant special benefits accordingly. By doing so, we are making win-win relationships with partner firms by providing fair bidding opportunities, securing order transparency, and supporting work convenience.

  • Education

    We enable smooth communication and pursue efficient construction work with invited training and quality campaign education for excellent partner firms, and are aiming for win-win growth through education by enhancing a mutual sense of solidarity between partner firms and sharing difficulties.

  • Finance

    With systems such as financial and payment support for excellent partner firms, we make every effort to help them maintain financial stability while also striving to protect secondary customers and the weak, along with partner firms, with a direct subcontract payment program.

  • Others

    With the objective to grow not only with partner firms but with all of society’s members, broadly speaking, we are making our best efforts to become a company that has a healthy corporate culture and contributes to win-win partnerships through ethical management and active social service activities.

Win-win management activities
  • Hanulhoe

    Based on the spirit of win-win growth, we have established the 'Hanulhoe', an autonomous consultative body for suppliers to promote mutual benefits and reinforce competitiveness between our company and suppliers, thereby establishing a foundation for continuous and stable shared growth between the company and its suppliers.

    System operation

    It is a system that supports the selection of subcontractors participating companies based on transparent and objective criteria based on the reference information of subcontractors.

  • by sector

    We are providing specialized education for each sector to promote substantial shared growth by establishing partnerships among construction participants, to share difficulties in promoting mutual solidarity among suppliers, to strengthen competitiveness by improving construction quality, and to realize customer satisfaction.

  • Supplier

    In order to practice economic/environmental/social values ​​together with business partners and to expand the entire supply chain, we support sustainable management improvement activities in cooperation with trusted external organizations.

    - Signed MOU for sustainability management consulting with partner companies
    - Conducted sustainable management consulting based on construction industry specialized model
    - Implementation of sustainability management (construction safety management) evaluation

  • Excellent partner

    In order to realize a partnership with excellent partners, we are strengthening our competitiveness by nurturing partners and selecting the best and best partners. In addition, we are promoting balanced development among our suppliers by granting them a bidding opportunity

  • Excellent partner

    We are contributing to the enhancement of suppliers' competency through training by inviting working-level suppliers of suppliers, and strengthening mutual partnerships. In addition, through education, we provide a platform for exchanges between partners and provide opportunities for shared growth.

Shared Growth Awards
Date Award name
2021.12.16 Commendation from the Chairman of the Fair Trade Commission - Fair Trade Commission agreement evaluation ‘Best’
2020.11.27 Commendation from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport - 20-year construction cooperation promotion grand prize
2018.12.03 Commendation from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport - 18-year construction cooperation promotion grand prize
2016.12.01 Commendation from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport - 16-year construction cooperation promotion grand prize
Win-win growth index evaluation
Date Grade
2021.09.15 Great
2020.09.08 Good