Human resources of HL D&I Halla. are
the very asset and future of the company

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Human Resources System

and Duty
  • Perform personality and aptitude tests when hiring to determine the recruiters' placement and use it as the basis for future self-development.
  • Put the right person in the right place based on qualifications, major and desire of the recruiter.
  • Consider the hometown and desired work area when appointing workers to the fields.
  • In the case of university graduate recruiters, decide on their departments after considering their aptitude, capabilities, etc. after 3 months of field training and headquarters OJT.
  • A fair promotion system is operated with overall consideration of their performance evaluation, achievements, rewards and punishments, training, etc.
  • A selection promotion system for outstanding talents who exceeded their working years at the company and a promotion shift system are in operation.
Salary Structure
  • Salary
    43,850,000 KRW and 55,360,000 KRW starting salary for a university graduate at the headquarters and in the field, respectively, including an 950% regular bonus and excluding personal appointment allowance, license allowance, etc.
  • Types of allowances
    family member allowance, qualification allowance, transport fee support, position, allowance, allowance for number of working years, fieldwork allowance, support for gimjang fee, holiday expense, traveling expenses to hometown during national holidays, communication fee support, etc.
Holiday System
Annual paid leave Paid leave incurred according to the Labor Standards Act can be used in division or receive a stipend for the unused annual paid leave.
Refresh holiday
(used during the year)
As paid leave, 5 working days can be used in connection with the weekend.
Family event holiday A special leave is permitted when there is a family event according to the regulations.
Overseas post holiday Three days of leave before departing is permitted when assigned to work overseas.
Overseas regular leave 30 days of regular leave is granted when working a year overseas. A maximum of 45 days of leave is possible when used together with the annual paid leave.
Overseas returning
10 days of leave is provided when returning to the headquarters.
Award Program
Personal awards HL D&I Halla's HLian Award, Model Employee Award, Long-term Worker's Award, Excellent Job Dissertation Award, Excellent Training Award, and Achievement Award for Obtaining an Order
Group awards Excellent Field Evaluation Results, Social Contribution Award, Excellent Safety Management Site Award, Excellent Quality Management Site Award, Excellent Target Management Department Award and Zero-Disaster Site Award.
Other awards Other Group Award, etc.