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New Business

Fill the future HL D&I Halla., linked with a new group office, has been actively propelling entrance into
new business fields where technology related to megatrends such as ICT and IOT can be grafted onto it.
It is pursuing a future high-tech automation era where everything including housing facilities,
offices, roads, railroads, and culture and leisure facilities are linked and exchange information
to enable customers to have control of every facility at their fingertips.

HL D&I Halla. has been pursuing various new businesses
and taking on challenges for the future.
After changing the company’s name in 2015, it has made connections
with other industries to develop future growth engines, pursue various
new businesses, and establish a secure business portfolio.

HL D&I Halla. has been entering business areas such as logistics, distribution,
leisure, comprehensive real estate services, and road management and
will progressively expand the non-construction sector to 30% in order
to reform into an advanced concept construction company.